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Buffalo Items
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The following is a list of Buffalo Items that we have available.  Unfortunately at this time there are no images to accompany the products.  We have provided a brief description of the items to help.
Product Number Product
98-055 Brain tanned buckskin is entirely hand worked to produce a velvety, light tan hide.  The hides are about 9 square feet and have no holes.  Any holes are sewn shut with sinew. $299.00
98-065 White version of the brain tanned Elk hide are soft, light and airy hides. $220.00
98-070 Smoked version of the Elk hide. $230.00
98-075 Large bull Elk hides. $325.00
98-080 BRAIN-TANNED BUFFALO ROBE Large head-off bison with prime 'hair' about 8 feet long (not counting tail) and 7 feet wide (55 Sq Ft) $825.00
'BRAIN TANNED BUFFALO ROBES have plush winter wool. These are skinned by the historic Indian method to produce a symmetrical shape. The hand-tanning and softening is a elkhorn scraper [wahintke]. The robes are used on beds, floors, or as wearing blankets. Since buffalo have wool, they do not shed and can withstand heavy use.  
Indians believed that the animal lost its power if the head was separated; therefore the Indians removed the skin from the skull to tan the hide. Later the face was sewn flat. Robes such as this were reserved for wearing and ceremony. Size 10 feet long and 7 1/2 feet wide
98-110 Buffalo bladders are blown up like a balloon and dried.  They server as water containers, food storage bags, and quill envelopes. ONE SIZE ONLY. Needs to be shipped separately. $28.00
98-115 BUFFALO BLADDER POUCHES served as a puncture-proof container to store porcupine quills. Indian women owned several of these pouches one for each color. $28.00
98-125 Buffalo tail swatters are used as hair ornaments, club handle ornaments, sweat bath brushes, fly swatters or hung on lifting poles. $28.00
98-130 Buffalo beards are ear flap tassels on tipis. $22.00
98-140 Buffalo "milk" teeth are attached to dresses or worn as a necklace. 1 for $4.50, 10 Teeth for $28.00 $4.50 - $28.00
98-170 Buffalo bull scrotum is tanned for use as a tobacco pouch.  Winter hide is used so the pouch has the short, dark winter wool. $35.00
98-180 Summer buffalo bull scrotum is almost hairless and made into rawhide for rattles. $24.00
98-190 Baby bison robes are tanned entirely intact with legs, head and tail.  They have reddish hair and white or grayish hair on the sides and flanks.  Few of these die each year, so quantity is limited.  Used as children's robes or medicine bundles. LIMITED SUPPLY. There is a waiting list of a year or more. All robes come from animals that died naturally from accident or sickness. ASK
98-210 Buffalo hair ropes are hand braided from eight strands of two-ply hand spun bison wool with a honda loop at one end.    These are very rare with several only located in museums.
4 Foot length is $100, 21 foot length is $500. It takes two people to braid this rope.
$100.00 - $500
98-220 Buffalo leg bone flesher is used to remove fat and adhering meat before beginning tanning.  It has a thong wrist strap from the natural tendon opening for an aid in holding the tool.  It is made exactly as those made over 300 years ago and are about seven inches in length. $28.00
98-230 Buffalo dew claws serve as the cone decoration on dangles.  When the wind blows, these dew claws tinkle together to produce the same sound as a walking bison. These are the knobs on the hind side of buffalo feet. $2.50 ea.
98-240 Buffalo foot bones were toy horses for Plains Indians.  The boys used them in pretend games to hunt bison, for which they used bison hoof sheaths.  Girls make packs and travois for their bone horses. $8.00
98-250 Buffalo hair was used to stuff buckskin pillows, pad saddles or spun and twisted into ropes.  A one pound bag is approximately a paper grocery bag amount. 2 pounds will stuff a pillow. $18.00
98-260 Buffalo rawhide ropes were made of the heaviest bull hides and were about 5/8 inch wide.  They were used as tipi typing ropes, liner ropes, ear flap ropes and horse gear.  General length is about 38 feet. $200.00
98-270 BUFFALO RAWHIDE fleshed and the wool scraped off in the historic manner of long ago. Each is the back half of trophy buffalo bull suitable for moccasin soles or painted par fleche. They are whitish in color and average 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide. $340.00
98-290 Buffalo Chips served as fuel for fires and was used as powder on babies. $4.00
98-295 Buffalo chips, 3 Count. $15.00
98-300 Awl case sewing utensil case worn on the belt by the women. Contains the materials used in sewing. $28.00
98-320 Buffalo hair pouch about 9 by 11 inches with buckskin bound edges as made by the Plains Indians. They were used by men and women to store belongings at their side $60.00
98-340 Buffalo Hoof Sheath served as bead containers or several were strung to serve as a tipi door rattle and simulated bison for children's games. $6.50
98-341 Buffalo Hoof Sheath, Set of Three. $15.00
98-360 Buffalo Bull Penis Canes were dried and stretched to nearly 2 and 1/2 feet long riding club or dance cane. $35.00
98-370 Buffalo shoulder blades. $23.00
98-372 Buffalo Shoulder Blade. Add a wooden handle lashed with rawhide became a hoe. Has special shipping needs. $115.00
98-375 Buffalo Shoulder Ridge. Was sharpened to become a knife. $28.00
98-390 Moccasin buffalo rawhide enough for 1 pair. $28.00
98-400 Buffalo winter hair moccasins have the warm wool on the inside.  People who have suffered cold feet have not had a problem after receiving a pair.  Even the sole is insolated with bison wool. These are custom made from a tracing of both feet.    Each pair is soft soled, sinew sewn moccasins, made as the Indians did for cold outdoor living. $200.00
98-411 Buffalo center ribs are wider. BUFFALO RIBS were used to make awls, sleds, bone arrow heads or in the game of 'snow snake'. [a] Short Ribs $7.00, [b] Medium Ribs $10.00, [c] Center Ribs (2 1/2 feet long) $15.00 This product has special shipping needs. $7.00 - $15.00
98-420 BUFFALO BONE AWL is used for puncturing holes when sinew-sewing. This is made from a bison rib and was used before needles were introduced. [A] one for $20.00, [B]2 for $35.00 $20 - $35.00
98-430 Buffalo bone paint brushes are made from the hump bone.  These were used by tribes to paint designs on robes or par fleches, tipis and liners.  Each is better than today's brushes since it does not flair as do bristles and it is porous to allow long use before it runs out of color.  Artists used one for each of their colors. 1 for $8.00 [B] set of 4 for $25.00 $8.00 - $25.00
98-431 Set of four bone brushes. $25.00
98-460 "Step-by-step brain tanning the Sioux way" by Larry Belitz.  Twelfth printing.  Includes a leather sample stapled to the front cover. $4.50
98-470 Scrapper blades of high-tungsten steel for scrapers.  It is send sharpened and in a buckskin pouch. $15.00
98-480 Buffalo hand made soap.  Made from 100% bison tallow.   Used to wash hides. 1 for $5.00, 4 for $25.00 $5.00 - $25.00
98-500 BUFFALO RIB ARROW WRENCH is for bending crooked arrow shafts through a hole in the rib to straighten them. and a notch along the rib's edge scratched "blood grooves". $11.00
98-505 BUFFALO SINEW is about 30 inches long and served as the Indian's 'thread'. Each sinew strip or tendon has nearly a hundred threads for sewing or backing bows. $25.00
98-510 DEER SINEW strips are about 18 inches long. $14.00
98-515 ELK SINEW strips are about 24 inches long. $22.00
98-520 BUFFALO HORN CAPS are naturally hollow, unlike the female horns, so were used to make spoons, bowls or cups. They were used on medicine headdresses or on split horn bonnets. Each is about fourteen inches along the outside curve. $35.00
98-525 BUFFALO HORN EATING UTENSILS were made from the buffalo horn caps. They were cut and steamed into a delicate bend. Each person ownedtheir own soup spoon, bowl and cup. [A] CUPS $55.00 [B] BOWLS $80.00 [C] SPOONS $85.00 [D] LADLES $ 95.00 $55.00 - $95.00
98-530 EARTH COLORS collected from various clay hillsides serves as Indian paints. This, mixed with water and hide glue, was used on hides, weapons and as war paints. Colors available are [A] RED, [ B] YELLOW, [C] BLUE , [D] GREEN, [ E] BLACK, [F] WHITE, and [G] TAN. $5.50 each HIDE GLUE made from hide scraps. [ H ] $4.00 $4.00 - $5.50
98-540 BUFFALO BOX WITH CONTENTS for showing the numerous uses of the buffalo. Twenty items of the buffalo are described regarding their use. Box with contents $425.00, Box only $200.00 $200.00 - 425.00
98-560 LAKOTA QUILLWORK DVD Art and legend is a 27 minute film showing porcupine quill sew-down by Flossie Bear Robe and wrapping by Alice Blue Legs, winner of the National heritage Master Award. $22.00
98-570 "BRAIN TANNING BISON ROBES THE NATIVE AMERICAN WAY" DVD A 52 minute film illustrating the historic tanning method. $25.00
98-580 "THE BUFFALO HIDE TIPI OF THE SIOUX" This 92 page hard cover book examines the entire process of making and living in a buffalo hide tipi. [110 pictures and 3 diagrams.] It describes brain-tanning buffalo hides, the positioning of hides in the cover, how to erect a tipi and etiquette rules. This book is based on first hand knowledge from over 50 buffalo hide tipis constructed over the years. $36.00

We love our customers!  

I ordered a buffalo bone awl from you. Anyways I just wanted to let you know how great it's been serving me.
I absolutely love it. Through doing my leather work as a hobby and some research I have been getting involved
in doing rendezvous and pre-1840's fur trade reenactment. I just finished my first big "or big to me" project, a fur
trade era hunter's hood much like the ones on trappers in some of Alfred J. Miller. Anyways thank you very much
for the awl and the inspiration it has given me.

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